Introduction: How to Take Your PSP ISOs and CSOs on the Road!!!


If you have Custom Firmware on your PSP then you know that you can play homebrew games or Psp ISOs and CSOs. But here is the issue I was facing: I played the games I transferred onto the psp then quickly got bored and wanted to change the games,(I had about 40 different games for the psp on my computer) but what if your on a long trip or are far away from your computer? Simple: Convert to DAX, burn and UN-compress.

This is my first instrucable so constructive criticism only please.

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Step 1: Necessary Items

Very Important! Do not delete the RAR or EXE the compressor comes in! You will need to burn it later!''

And a Data Dvd Burning Software

Psp ISOs (pr CSO)
Blank Dvd
A USB cable for transferring the files
A CFW enabled PSP

Step 2: Install Program

After downloading the program install it. If you dont know how to do this you are in the wrong place.
Make sure you have a shortcut on the desktop ( Im not sure if it even asks for this)

Step 3: Compressing

Create a folder on the desktop named "TEMP" (or whatever you want)

Open the program you just installed and select the first Radio button on the left that says "Convert ISO>DAX" If you want to convert a CSO go a little further down and there will be "Convert CSO>DAX"

Browse to your ISO or CSO using the "Browse" button under Input. Then select your image file.

Under "Output" browse to your Temp folder and hit Compress

This shouldn't take all that long if it is an average sized Iso (400-700mb) If it is over 1gb then it will lag your whole computer.

This procedure can also be done to compress Isos to CSOs to save space on a memory card.

Step 4: Burning

After you have a decent amount of DAX files open up your burning software:

I am using Nero 8 but whatever you use, make sure you select Data dvd.

Drag and Drop your desired files into the window (Or if you do not have many DAX files then just drag the whole folder over)

Remember when I told you not to delete the program? This is why.
Drag the Installation Executable into the files to be burned, that way you can UN-compress the files later.

Burn the project onto a DVD and make sure you burn it at 4x I cannot stress enough how important the speed is. <------Select the kind of disc <-------- Adding files

Step 5: On the Road

So you have your parents or your laptop or your grandmas new but un-touched computer

Load in your DVD

Install the Iso Compressor

Now select the "Convert DAX->to CSO" (you can select the "convert to ISO" but CSO is best to save space)

Browse to your DVD and select the file

Now heres an important part:

Connect your PSP to the computer Via USB cable

Under Output browse to the ISO folder in your PSP (this is in case the computer you are using doesnt have enough space)

and Hit Compress!


Step 6: Final Word