Introduction: How to Take a Selfie


So you are having a particularly good hair day and your make up is perfect?  You want to send a picture of yourself to your best friend or significant other? There’s no one around to take a picture for you? Just take it yourself. You can do it, you can take a selfie.

Step 1: Get Your Device

Whether it is your cell phone or your I-pod touch, or even your computer or digital camera, you can use it to take your selfie. Hopefully it isn’t too far away because you wouldn’t want to ruin your perfect hair. But if you are anything like me you probably have your phone in your pocket or in your hand. So take it out and navigate to your camera.

Step 2: Pull Up the Camera Function

If you have a smart-phone or I-pod touch make sure it is set to the front facing camera (to change the icon is usually located in the upper right hand corner but it might be in another corner depending on your device.) The front facing camera will give you a direct shot at your face not whatever is in front of you.
If your device does not have this option it is a little trickier to get a fool proof selfie but it isn't impossible. You just have to work harder for it. You just have to flip the camera or device so it is facing you and try to see where your face would be in the shot. (You might need to take some “test shots” just to get the feel for how to get your full face in the shot effortlessly.

Step 3: The Background

Find where you want to take your selfie and make sure you smooth out anything you feel fit too and choose a pose or feel free to try out multiple poses if you feel ambitious.

Step 4: Take Your Selfie

Hit the “capture button to immortalize yourself in drop dead gorgeous images.

Step 5: Share Your Selfie (optional)

 Enjoy your selfies and upload them to any social media sight you would like or send them to friends, family and significant others.