How to Take a Selfie




Introduction: How to Take a Selfie

This is a tutorial on how to prepare yourself to take a selfie and what to do with it when you do! 

Before even considering taking a selfie, one must look their best. A series of steps must be executed before ever whipping out that camera.

Disclaimer:  The majority of this tutorial is intended to be humorous.   

Step 1: Hair

The first step is Hair. Never let a single hair be out of place before you commence picture taking!  Choose your favorite hairstyle and do it.  I wanted my hair straighter than normal, so I used a hair straightener.  You can do anything you want as long as your hair looks amazing. 

Step 2: Makeup

The next step that must be taken is Makeup. That is, unless you are a guy. Guys can skip this step if they would prefer to. Make sure you put on as much makeup as you can. Nobody wants to see any part of your natural face. The more makeup, the better!

Step 3: Clothes

Now, make sure your outfit is picture ready! You would never want to look like a slob while taking your selfie! People wouldn't want to like your picture and without those likes, you wouldn't get that validation that you crave!

Step 4: Setting

The key to selfies or any photograph is great lighting. Make sure your setting provides just the right amount of light. You can edit the picture to make it look brighter, but that doesn't compensate for the nice shading that some decent light provides

Step 5: Angles

Experiment with angles while taking your selfies!   Different angles can create different moods within your photographs.  Just remember that taking a selfie from below is never flattering, so maybe you shouldn't try that one. 

Step 6: Smile

Smiling is contagious!  People will be more willing to like your picture if you look happy.  Nobody likes a sour puss!

Step 7: Take the Selfies

Preferably, you will use a good camera to take your selfies. 
A smartphone will work, but the pictures won't be as good of quality. 
Don't forget to experiment with those angles and SMILE!

Step 8: Post Your Selfies

You will never look good enough in your first picture.  You need to take a lot so you have options.
Never post a blurry picture!
When using Instagram, make sure to post your pictures periodically throughout the day.  You never want to post them all at once or you will annoy people and they won't like your selfies!

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