Introduction: How to Take a Smokey Eye From Day to Night

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Here in Josie's sequel to "How to Create a Light Smokey Eye", she shows you how to take the smokey eye look into the night.


1. Begin with a Light Smokey Eye. Tip: Watch "How to Create a Light Smokey Eye" video.

2. Medium Eyeshadow. Using a Cover Girl medium brown shadow, darken the outer half of the eyelid and the crease.

3. Layer with a Darker Color. Using the dark side of a Cover Girl Smokey Shadow Blast, go over the outer half of the lid and crease again.

Tip: Remember to blend! 

4. Add Third Color Layer. Apply a darker shadow (darker than step 2) color and go over same outer lid area and carry down along outer lower lash line.

5. Add Highlight. Use the lighter color of the Shadow Blast and highlight the inner corner of your eye. Blend!

6. Layer 2nd Highlight. Use the highlighter color from the 4 palette and go over brow bone.

7. Eyeliner. Here Josie uses Cover Girl's Line Exact eyeliner to give a dramatic line to the look.

Tip: Touch up with a little makeup remover and a Puffs tissue along the upper cheekbone to clean up any smudges and shadow.