Introduction: How to Take the Perfect Order

Hi, my name is Sierra Olson, today I’m going to show you how to take the perfect food order. I have been a waitress for many years at our family owned restaurant. Waitressing can be some hard work and requires hospitality and patience. The waiter/waitress sets the mood of the customer’s experience and should leave them satisfied. I will show you simple steps to leave your customers happy and hopefully make them leave you a good tip!

Step 1: Greet and Welcome Customers

Begin by walking up to the table the customers are seated at and greet them with a smile and a warm welcome. Give the customers menus and ask if they would like something to drink.

Step 2: Gather Drinks and Go Back to Table

Next, gather the drinks the customers asked for and give them a few minutes to look over the menu. After a few minutes go back to the table with the drinks and ask if the customers are ready to order.

Step 3: Take Order

When they are ready to order be sure to have your notepad and a good working pen in hand. Start taking the order and go from person to person. (it works well when you go around the table) *be sure to listen carefully and don’t be afraid to ask a person to repeat themselves if you didn’t hear them clearly.

Step 4: Place Order

After they have ordered collect the menus and place the order in the kitchen. Bring food out when ready and ask if they need anything else. Check up on your table no more than 2 times.

Step 5: Thank Your Customers

Finally, when they are close to finishing their meal give them their checks and ask if they need a to-go box. Thank your customers and tell them to have a good night.

Step 6: Conclusion

Following these simple steps will help you take the perfect food order. Dealing with people every day can be a difficult task. Greeting and thanking customers with a warm smile should leave them satisfied with their service.