Introduction: How to Tape a Hockey Stick

Hi, my name is Alex Nygaard and I am a graduated Watertown Laker hockey player. Many may think the way a hockey stick blade is taped does not matter, but let me reassure you it does. I am going to explain and demonstrate the proper way to tape a hockey stick blade. There are many ways to tape a blade, but there is one way that will help bring the game to the next level by getting the most accurate shot possible.


1. Hockey stick

2. Hockey tape

3. Scissors

Step 1: Beginning

Start by taking the roll of tape and placing it on the front heel of the blade so the tape will roll over the top of the blade with an inch on the backside. It is crucial to start at the heel of the blade instead of the toe. The reasoning behind that is so the puck will flow with the tape while shooting instead of going against it.

Step 2: Taping of Stick

After starting at the heel of the blade, begin by making revolutions around the blade from top to bottom on the front side. Keep the lines equal while making the revolutions with no gaps showing the stick blade.

Step 3: Ending

Once the toe of the blade is reached, make sure the tape ends on the backside of the blade. Now cut the tape so there is about an inch of tape away from the top, which completes a perfect tape job.