Introduction: How to Tape a Hockey Stick

This is a step by step guide on how to perfectly tape a Hockey stick.


You will need:

Any brand of hockey tape

Any brand of hockey stick

Step 1: Cutting Guide

There is one piece of tape that will be cut, and placed on to the bottom of the blade lengthways so that it overlaps on both sides.

That piece of tape should be cut into 6-7” in length.

Step 2: Taping the Stick

Once you have placed that protective layer over the blade, you can now start taping the rest of the stick.

Start taping near the heel of the stick (or where it curves upward) and slowly wrap the tape around the stick.

This step is important! So go slow on this, and be sure to overlap the tape about half of its width.

Step 3: Finishing the Stick

Once you have reached the toe of the stick, you can now cut off the tape and fold it over the side.

If you aren’t sure where to end the tape job, just try and keep about an inch or two of space on the toe.

The end result should be a perfectly taped hockey stick, ready to be used in action!