Introduction: How to Test Internet Speed

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Few things in life are worse than suffering through slow internet speeds. Fortunately, there are lots of great ISPs (internet service providers) who offer the speed you need. You just need to put in a little effort to make sure you're currently subscribed to receive optimal speed to meet your online needs. This is where testing comes in. Check out the steps below to figure out how to test your internet speed then identify how much speed you need.

Step 1: Figure Out How Much Speed You Already Have

The first and most important step will be to figure out how much speed you actually have. Even if you know how much speed you're currently purchasing from your ISP, it is still possible that your internet is running at a slower speed. To identify the actual speed of your internet, start by conducting an online speed test. Speed tests time how long it takes for your internet to download and upload files and data then give you a number for how fast your internet is. If it's lower than what you're currently paying for, you could be being throttled by your ISP.

Step 2: Identify How Much Speed You Need

If you're internet is slow, it's more than likely because you either haven't purchased enough speed or are being throttled by your ISP. In both cases, it will be necessary to figure out how much speed you actually need so that you can go back to your ISP with a request for the correct speed. Fortunately, there are online tools for this too! The How Much Speed do I Need? toolis one that offers a simple process. The interactive infographic will take you through a series of questions to determine how many users your internet will need to support, what type of devices will be running from it, and what activities will be taking up the available speed.

Step 3: Negotiate With Your ISP

Now that you know how much speed you currently have and how much speed you actually need, it's time to call your ISP. Negotiation can be tough. That's why the pros in this area have provided some pretty solid advice to help the rest of us out. A quick search for "how to negotiate with my ISP" will provide lots of great articles and guides from reputable publications like Digital Trends and Lifehacker. Some of the top tips in these articles include:

1. Assess your situation

2. Research what's out there

3. Let them know you are in demand

4. Have your speed information handy

5. Actually call - don't email or send a letter