Introduction: How To; the Cardboard Armory

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This is a short instructable on how to create your own cardboard armory, and even 6man a 10man raid boss, Also known as "Shannon". This instructable features our group of friends banding together, (because we don't do PuGs) to defeat, and successfully 'Paul' prototype "Shannon"s computer. (Pauling is the act of using a dungeon or raid group in order to successfully turn off, and unplug a computer using the art of an MMO style of gameplay). ((Pauling: Taken directly from the grand minds of Goobytehgoob and Dolantehduk)).  

((P.S, Most of the writing is done by me, Radiu§, but in all fairness, I took no pictures during the process, which the other members of our group did.))

Step 1: The Most Logical (and Only 'step' You Will Need) Step One...

- You must gather carboard. Anything will do, your armor must simply be either quite nice, or a disgusting abomiation of many put together pieces of cardboard, taped, glued, with writing and hack marks all over it.

- After your grand gathering is completed, you must put your armor together, I suggest making the basics, such as a Helmet, Chestpiece and a Weapon or Shield. Once these are completed, you can even go further into detail, the more random pieces, the better.

- Your armor is finished... You should have atleast 1 Tank, 3 Damage, and 1 healer. Our group had the following... 1st Tank (Leader): Brett... 1st DPS: Zack... 2nd DPS: Jordan / Radius... 3rd DPS: Garrett... Extras and Offtanks: 2nd Tank: Nick / Cheese/Johannschmidt... Healer: Bryan. We had Six (6) members, We were doing a 10 Man raid. (Heroic). 

- You can now carry out the final Grand Crusade, March my fellow Orcs, bring back the head of the Raid boss that -YOU- will be facing... Can -you- stand up to the challenge?

Step 2: R.I.P Princess Shannon.

Step 3: The Reason for a Paul.

((As you all should know the "Paul" is the Turning off or Unplugging of somebodies Computer as they are Using it, now the most important thing of this is to make sure said person's computer is "Paul" worthy.))-Goobytehgoob

To know if a person needs to be "Pauled" They would be doing one of following things Listed Below:

Being a Brony/furry ((they are the same))

using the Computer for Something annoying: ((Terrible Music,Something that is in no way Funny or would bring anyone Joy))

or if the person is just in need of some kind of punishment.

Now how you go about doing the Paul will continue on the next slide. - Goobytehgoob

Step 4: The Action of a Paul.

The Paul should be a swift Motion, like it never happened.

But if this cannot be done swiftly make sure they know you've done it: Cheering is usually the best way for this.
Even then If they say anything ignore them,you've made armour for a reason,if they try to attack the tanks will deal with said person by keeping them away from the raid group.

Now if the raid boss is too strong, what you can do is Have someone drop aggro from the tanks and keep the Boss distracted while the group slips away,this could mean life or death depending on the situation.

Keep yourselves Safe and most Importantly get your point across, when you've done so all things will be Joyful and merry