How to Thread Your Ashford Kiwi 2



Introduction: How to Thread Your Ashford Kiwi 2

I decided to make this instructable out of pure frustration. Frustration because the brand new Ashford Kiwi 2 that my husband just got me doesn't include instructions for threading this particular style of spinning wheel. It does however come with instructions for threading an Ashford Traditional. The big difference between the Kiwi 1 and Kiwi 2 is the sliding hook flyer, which I could not find instructions, pictures, or videos for how to use. So now that I think I have it figured out, here we go.

This might seem dumb, but if you've been teaching yourself to spin from books and videos, every little bit helps.

Step 1: Leader

Tie a leader yarn onto your bobbin and install then bobbin on your flyer.

Step 2: Thread Guides

There is a thread guide on each base of the flyer, you want the guide with the black loop facing up. Bring the leader yarn under handed through the black loop of the thread guide.

Step 3: Hooks

Bring the leader yarn through the hook closest to the thread guide and then use the threading hook to pull the leader yarn into the orifice.

Now your Kiwi 2 is threaded and you are ready to spin! Remember to adjust the thread guides as you spin to fill your bobbins evenly.

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