How to Throw Boomerangs

Introduction: How to Throw Boomerangs

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A lot of people ask us for "How to Throw Boomerangs" information. So we contacted one of our key vendors for his great tutorial on the subject. Roger Perry has captained the Australian boomerang team for many years and been a former Australian champion. Grant Perry, his son, was the 2014 Australian champion and has won it several other times as well. These are 2 of the absolute best boomerang experts in the world. This is part of a series of educational videos on throwing boomerangs. And a great place for a beginner to start!

Throwing a boomerang well involves specific techniques and knowledge. You need to determine the direction of the wind in your throwing area and, if you are right handed, throw it to the right of the wind direction at an angle. See the video for precise instructions on the right launch angle and direction for throwing boomerangs.

There are many other tips which can help control the flight path of a boomerang. You can add elastics and such to a boomerang to slow it down if it is going beyond you on the return. You can add weight to the tips to make it go farther. You can lift up the tips a little to make it return more. You can adjust the angle of the throw and also the throw strength. Over time you can learn the techniques needed to precisely control your boomerang. We hope this helps!

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