Introduction: How to Throw a Football Accurately

Hello. My name is faris, and I'm going to show you how to throw a football

Step 1: The Grip.

There is no perfect grip for a football. everyone has a different grip, depending on the hand size or hand muscles. Anyway. You should have a airpocket between your palm and the surface of the football. You are not palming the ball if your doing it correctly, you should have the index finger to be near the tip and to be over the seam of the football. Also, don't grip it too hard nor too soft.

Step 2: The Stance.

Your stance should be shoulder width apart. Though it changes sometimes. Your opposite shoulder should face your target. And your opposite foot should be perpendicular to your target.

Step 3: Knee Bend.

Having good knee bend is very important for a perfect football throw. Bend your knees to a appropriate angle. You should slight hunch your back.

Step 4: Opening Your Arms

You should open your arms to make a W shape. Also you should step with your opposite foot facing your target.

Step 5: The Release

You should rotate your hips as your following through . When your throwing the football. You shouldn't do a side arm. You should throw the football and have a feeling almost like your pushing the ball straight in front of yourself. When you rotate your hips. Make sure that your right heel lifts up and make a semi-circle with your toes. If your right handed.