Introduction: How to Throw a Football Correctly

Step by Step Instructions by Rueben Ybarra

Step 1: Analyze the Football and Find the Grip That Best Fits You


Not too tight, not too loose; using the fingertips on your dominate hand as your main points of contact.

Step 2: Place Pinky and Ring Fingers Between the Laces

While your index and pointer fingers are placed on the rear end along the seams.

Step 3: Use Your Dominant Arm and Grab the Ball Tucking It Close to Your Ear


Try to keep your elbow out at a 90 degree angle and your arm out and perpendicular to your body.

Step 4: Tuck Your Non-dominate Arm Close to Your Chest Like a Chicken Wing

Step 5: Set Your Base by Facing Perpendicular to the Direction or Object You’re Throwing at


Square your feet at shoulder width apart and putting a slight bend in your knees.

Step 6: Look at the Object You’re Throwing at

Look at the object you’re throwing at and envision the path the ball

will take. This helps your accuracy

Step 7: Step Through With Your Lead Foot


Do almost a skip/hop step to start your momentum

Step 8: Rotate Your Hips

Rotate your hips into your throwing direction to increase power

Step 9: Simultaneously, Swing Your Throwing Arm Forward Like Somewhat of a Karate Chop


Simultaneously, swing your throwing arm forward like somewhat of a karate chop, and throw an elbow with the other arm to add momentum.

Step 10: Release the Ball at the Top of Your Chop

Release the ball at the top of your chop before you feel your arm in a downward motion

Step 11: When You Release the Ball, Let It Fly Out of Your Hand


Allow your index finger to be the last to leave it allowing it to guide the ball.

Step 12: As You Feel It Releasing, Spin Your Fingers