Introduction: How to Throw a Frisbee.

Today you will be learning how to properly throw a frisbee.



Step 1: Grab a Frisbee

It is important that you find a partner/dog for frisbee throwing.

Step 2: Find an Open Space Outdoors

Be sure that you find an open area with a good amount of space such as a local park.

Step 3: Place the Frisbee in Your Dominant Hand.

Dominant hand will be the hand you are most familiar with and use more of when playing sports.

Step 4: For a Firm Grip

Place Your Pointer-finger on the Outside Edge of the Frisbee and Curl the Other Fingers Underneath.

Step 5: When Holding the Frisbee, Hold It Horizontally.

While you are holding the frisbee horizontally, be sure that the angle of the frisbee is not sloping down.

Step 6: Take the Frisbee and Bring It in Towards Your Chest.

This step will be a swift motion right before you release the frisbee. Pulling it to your chest ensures that the frisbee maintains its horizontal form so you may have a proper release.

Step 7: Turn So That Your Leading Shoulder Is Facing Your Target.

Having a good stance is key to getting the frisbee to your target. Be sure to have your feet shoulder width apart and grip form still together.

Step 8: Extend the Frisbee Hand With a Swinging Motion.

While practicing this step, watch how you are swinging your frisbee back and forth. Be sure as you do this that your form from your chest outward is still horizontal.

Step 9: Release the Frisbee With the Dominant Hand Pointing Towards Your Target.

When you have finished swinging, begin practicing your release. Grab your partner. You want to be sure to release when your arm is fully extended and your frisbee is targeted at your partner.

Step 10: Watch the Frisbee Soar Through the Air.

Once you have finished releasing, you are officially a professional frisbee thrower. For this last step, I encourage you to get your friends together and show them your new skill. Play safe and have fun!