Introduction: How to Throw a Frisbee

Throwing a Frisbee is fun, and this instructable will teach you how, so that you can enjoy the leisure activity. This is a great instructable for beginners, the steps are simple and clear, and the final step has good advice for improving your throw.

What you’ll need:
    • A Frisbee (any kind will do, but for the purpose of this how-to, I will use a common, hard plastic Frisbee that’s about 10 inches in diameter)
    • A wide, open area, clear of breakables and unaware people (outside is the ideal place)

Step 1: Preparing to Throw

Stand in a relaxed, upright position with the Frisbee in your hand.

Step 2: Preparing to Throw

Make sure you have the Frisbee face up, so that the label/design is up and the bowl side is down.

Step 3: Gripping the Frisbee

Hold the Frisbee in your throwing hand.

    a. Rest your palm on the rim of the Frisbee.

    b. Grip the top of the Frisbee with your thumb.

    c. Rest your index (pointer) finger along the outside rim of the Frisbee.

    d. Grip the underside of the Frisbee with your three remaining fingers.

  Note: It is important to keep a relaxed grip on the Frisbee. This will improve your throw.

Step 4: Aiming the Frisbee

Turn so that the right side of your body (if you’re throwing with your right hand) is pointed in the direction of your target. If you’re throwing with your left hand, point the left side of your body in the direction of your target.

Note: Make sure that you are standing with your body straight and not twisted.

Step 5: Aiming the Frisbee

Aim the Frisbee by extending it at shoulder height, at arm’s length, and toward the direction of your target.

  Note: Your index finger that is on the rim of the Frisbee should be pointing in the direction of your target. If it is, you’re in good shape.

Step 6: Aiming the Frisbee

Hold the Frisbee there for a moment to get a feel for the position of your body. When you throw the Frisbee in just a moment, you will release the Frisbee when your arm gets to this point.

Step 7: Aiming the Frisbee

Curl the Frisbee into your chest, keeping it at shoulder height. This will be the starting point of your throw.

Step 8: Aiming the Frisbee

Practice moving the Frisbee from your chest to the extended position, feeling the movement of your body.

Step 9: Throwing the Frisbee

Bring the Frisbee to your chest, as in step 7.

  Important! read step 10 completely before following it.

Step 10: Throwing the Frisbee

Move your arm quickly through the movement you just practiced.

    a. Release the Frisbee when your arm is fully extended and your index finger is pointed in the direction of your target.

    b. Keep your arm there for a moment after you release the Frisbee. This is called “following-through.”

Note: It is fine if your body twists in the follow-through.

Step 11: Throwing the Frisbee

Watch it fly!

Step 12: Advice for Improving Your Throw

    • Tilting the Frisbee is going to send it flying in that direction—left, right, up, or down. So if you’re trying to throw it straight, keep the Frisbee level as you wind up and throw.
    • As you get more comfortable with throwing, try putting more of your body into it for farther throws.
    • This is a great leisure activity and a fun sport, so relax and enjoy it!

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