Introduction: How to Throw and Catch a Softball

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Materials you will need:
* a softball
* a softball mit
* a partener

Step 1: Throwing: Step 1

To throw a softball you first need to have the ball in your hand that you are going to throw the ball with. Your other hand will have your mit on it. You will have your index, middle, and ring fingers on the laces of the ball. Your thumb will be under the ball for support. Your pinkie will be tucked under.

Step 2: Throwing: Step 2

After you have the ball in your hand, you will bring that same arm back by your head. Turn  your wrist so you can see the back of your hand. After you have turned your wrist cock your wrist back.

Step 3: Throwing: Step 3

Bring your arm with the ball forward, with momentum. This is starting the actual throw. When the ball passes by your head you will want to release it. You can release it a little after it passes your head.

Step 4: Throwing: Step 4

While you are doing those steps your arm with the mit on it is working too. First if you are playing infield, which is what I will be teaching you, your arm differs whereas if you were to be playing outfield. The arm with the mit will be by your side. Then when you bring your arm with the ball back, your elbow of the arm with the mit on will point to your target.

Step 5: Throwing Stance: Step 1

While you are performing the previous steps you have to be in a stance. When your arm is back and your other arm is pointing you are in an "X" stance because it looks like an X. Your legs are shoulder width apart.

Step 6: Throwing Stance: Step 2

Now that you are in the "X" stance step with your foot that is forward to start your throw. Once you've taken your step you start to bring the arm with the ball forward. While you are doing this, your body will twist with you, this helps with your momentum.

Step 7: Catching: Step 1

When a person is throwing the ball at you extend your arm with the mit on it ready to catch the oncoming ball.  To open the mit, open your hand and spread your fingers.

Step 8: Catching: Step 2

When the ball is in your mit squeeze your fingers to capture the ball, you want the ball to land in the pocket of the mit.

Step 9: Catching: Step 3

When the ball is secure, step with the foot that is on the same side as your throwing arm. You will be crossing your legs.

Step 10: Catching: Step 4

After you have taken your first step, you will step with your other foot, so it is in front of the foot that took the first step.

Step 11: Catching: Step 5

Simaltaneously, your throwing arm will reach into the mit and grab the ball. You will take the ball out of the mit, and be ready to throw.

Step 12: Conclusion

Keep continuing all of these steps until you get bored, or have to stop playing.