Introduction: Tying Ribbons Onto Ceremony Programs

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This is a fairly easy task, and adds a little more 'oomph' to your programs. Stapling is all fine and well, but I think this is truly necessary to make a perfect presentation.

Step 1: Materials Needed

- Ruler
- Scissors
- Programs
- Hole Puncher
- 3/8" Ribbon (I got 100 YARDS for $9.81 including shipping. It is a zillion times cheaper than buying it in stores and you should have plenty! Here is the link to the eBay seller’s store that I purchased from: Just click on ‘visit my store’ on the left, click ‘ribbon’ and then on the upper left in store search, type in ‘3/8’ and check it out!)

Step 2: Hole Punch the Folds

To position the ribbon perfectly on the centerfold of your programs, make hole punches at 3 inches and at 5.5 inches on the folds.

Step 3: Cut the Ribbon

Cut the ribbon to 18 inches long.

It's easiest to cut all of your ribbon at once, so cut out all of the ribbon you need now.

Step 4: String the Ribbon Through the Program

String the ribbon through the program. Make sure that the inside center ribbon lies flat.

Step 5: Tie the Bow

Tie a bow on the outside and you're done!

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