Introduction: How to Tie a Bowline on a Bight

This knot is useful for when you do not have either end of your rope. It will not slip or bind. If both loops are loaded this knot can see a very significant load, because it reduces the stress each loop sees. It is also relatively easy to be able to be untied after removing the load.

Step 1: Start With a Bight in the Middle of the Rope

Step 2: Create an Overhand Loop

It will help you to bring the bight towards yourself if possible.

Step 3: Bring the Bight Under and Through the Center of the Loop

Step 4: Bring the Bight Around the Outer Loop

The outer loop is indicated by the X. Once this is done you will have something that looks like the second image.

Step 5: Bring the Knot Up Around the Entire Knot

When this is done you should have a loop around the two straight segments of the rope.

Step 6: Tighten Up!

This is the trickiest part of this knot. To begin fighting, pull the two pairs with X's on top until they are in place. Then tighten as needed.