Introduction: How to Tie a Double Windsor Knot

In this instructable I'm going to teach you how to tie a double windsor knot. This is a popular method for tying neckties. The double windsor gives a professional look without taking extensive time or effort to learn.

Step 1: Setup

Lift up the collar of your shirt and place the tie around your neck with the two ends hanging down in front of you.  Place the tie so that the narrow end is in your dominant hand.  The wide end should come down slightly two times lower than the narrow end.

Step 2: The Initial Loop

With your non-dominant hand, take the wide end and cross it over the narrow end about six inches from your neck.  Proceed by taking the wide end with your dominant hand and going under and through the back of the V-shape made by the knot.  Keep a firm grip on the narrow end with your non-dominat hand as you do so.  With your dominant hand, pull the wide end through in the direction of that hand.  

Step 3: Under and Through

With your dominant hand, take the wide end of the tie and go completely under the knot.  Still using the dominant hand, pull the wide end through the V-shape knot and tightly pull it towards your non-dominant hand.  

Step 4: The Wrap Around

Using your dominant hand, take the wide end and go over the front of the entire knot towards the side of your dominant hand.  Once again, pull on the wide end to tighten the knot and compact the fabric.  

Step 5: Through and Tuck

With your dominant hand, bring the wide end underneath the V-shape knot and up and through to the front side of the knot.  Tuck the wide end down through the front loop of the knot.

Step 6: Finished Product

Pull the wide end all the way through and tighten the knot.  By grasping the narrow end with your dominant hand, and the knot with your non-dominant hand, pull the knot up snuggly to your neck.  Adjust the knot for comfort and style and flip your collar down.  You are ready to go!