Introduction: How to Tie a Monkey Fist Knot

In this instructable I will show you how to tie a monkey fist knot. This knot can be used to throw a piece of rope over a log or bar above your head or even just for decoration.


The supplies you will need to tie a monkey fist knot is...
At least 6 feet of rope or paracord
A small marble or steel ball
Lighter (optional) to fuse the ends of the rope

Step 1: Step One

For the first step of the monkey fist knot you will need to take one end of the rope and pinch it leaving about 6 inches at the end of it. Then u will put 3 of your fingers up side by side. After u have done that you will rap it around your fine 3-4 times.

Step 2: The Middle Raps

After you have rapped it around your fingers 3 times you will remove your middle finger and put it outside of the 3-4 loops. After u get done with that you will rap the rope 3-4 more time around the raps you made before. So that you have a small hole to put your marble into.

Step 3: All Most There

This is the tricky part and try not to mess up or you may have to restart the knot. After you have rapped your rope around the loops you will need to carefully remove your two fingers from the loops but at the same time hold the marble with two fingers as you pull it off your fingers. After you have pulled it off of your fingers tuck the working end of your rope into the first loops you make and make 3 loops like you did in the previous steps.

Step 4: The Final Count Down

Wow you’re almost there all you need to do now is tighten the knot band to do that you will go from the biggest loop to the smallest loop.

Congrats on tiring the monkey fist knot.

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