Introduction: How to Tie a Single Strand Star Knot

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This video will show how to tie a single strand star knot.  I followed Fred Creativ'Knots photo tutorial for tying the knot, but had comments from others that they were having trouble following the path of the cord, so between the video and the photos, this will hopefully help those that needed to see more.  I've read that this knot is also shown in Stuart E. Grainger's book, 'Turkshead Alternatives', which is out of print.

I used a three foot long length of cord, but you can use more if needed for a longer length paracord lanyard or wrist loop.  Also used were a Jumbo Perma-Lok lacing needle, torch lighter, scissors, and hemostats.

A large portion of the video is in the time consuming part of dressing the knot, meaning tightening it up as you work the slack out, so those that already have experience with monkey's fists and Turk's head type knots will already be familiar with that aspect and can skip over those parts.  Those that are tying for the first time need to see the gradual process of that work, otherwise they often try to finish too quickly and end up with an ugly tangled mess.  Have patience and take your time. ;)

I often use a scaffold knot/multiple overhand sliding knot for attachment use with paracord lanyards and fobs.