Introduction: How to Tie a Trash Bag With One Hand and How to Print Our Device

This device will help anyone tie a trash bag quicker and easier with only requiring one hand.

Step 1: Insert the Device Into the Waistband of Any Type of Pants/shorts.

Make sure to put the long end of the device in the waistband while the hook is on the outside.

Make sure the device is inserted all the way into the waistband where there is no room in between the device and the waistband.

Step 2: Loop One of the Trash Bag Strings on the Hook on the Outside.

Grab both strings and hold them in one hand.

Put one of the strings on the hook while holding the other string in your hand.

Step 3: Take the Loose String and Start to Tie the Trash Bag.

Begin to tie the trash bag by taking the string in your hand and wrapping it around the back of the other string as shown in the first picture.

Make sure to put it around the back closest to your pant leg.

Then wrap it through the hole that you created closest to the top of the bag as shown in the second picture.

Finally, you can just pull the string that is not on the hook and it will tighten and create the knot that is required.

Step 4: Trash Bag Will Be Completely Tied

Now you can grab the other string with the same hand off the hook and you will have a completed trash bag as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Designing and Printing the Device

Step 6: Draw Out an Outline of the Design and Set Dimensions

We did ours on, but any CAD design station will work for this design.

We begin by drawing the outline as show above. Onshape allowed the lines to be fixed parallel and that is what you want for the design. Since you can set the dimensions it does not matter how long you draw the lines as long as the outline looks similar to the one pictured.

Then set the parameters and dimensions equal to the ones pictured above.

Step 7: Extrude the Image to Dimensions

Next, you will want to use the extrude operation to give the device depth.

In order to give it maximum efficiency, we extruded it 0.5 inches.

Step 8: Fillet Certain Edges to Make the Device More Stable

The final step is to fillet the outside edges. Although this is not necessarily essential for the device to work, it does it give it more stability and support while making it easier to slide in and out of waistbands.

You do not want to fillet the edges on the faces, only the ones that are shown above.