Introduction: How to Trade Successfully Basketball Cards

As a kid, I've been playing, watching and basically doing everything that is connected to basketball. That's when me and my friends started to collect basketball cards of our favorite players and started to trade them after school.

Throughout the years, I've gained a lot of rare cards and learned how to trade them correctly.


  • Basketball cards (could be bought at local card trading shops or over the internet) - Price range is really different between each and every card, could start from a couple of cents and go up to thousands of dollars.
  • Ring Binder - In order to organize our cards. Price 5 ~ 10$.
  • Plastic sleeves - In order to store each card and prevent damage to the card itself. Price ~ 5$ for 100 plastic sleeves.

Step 1: It's All About Storing Our Cards

The basic guideline is: The better condition our basketball card is in, the more it is worth.

That is why, we would want to store and keep our cards in the same condition as we got them in order to keep up their value.

To do so, we will store each card in plastic sleeves and in our ring binder. For extra rare cards and valuable ones, I recommend to store them in hard plastic cases in order to ensure that the edges and condition of those cards won't get damaged.

After all, we always need to remember that a card's value is measured also by it's condition.

Step 2: Trading!

Here comes the most enjoyable part.

Meet up with your friends and start trading your cards with other cards that you want.

Always remember to check the condition of the card you want.

A good website to see the estimated value of the cards is: Price Guide