Introduction: How to Transplant a Mint Plant to a Potter

This is a fun and easy project that results in the beginning of a healthy herb garden. This step by step guide will present an in depth look at what is required to successfully plant your own mint plant. Mint is a healthy and edible herb that is easy to grow, even for an inexperienced gardener. This herb will add color to your life as well as your food!

Step 1: Be Perpared

Determine where you’d like to do your transplant. If you don’t have a porch or backyard area that can get dirty, you will need to make sure to do the transfer in a clear wide space with a liner.

Step 2: Gather Materials

You will need a mint plant, ceramic pot and dish, soil, butter knife, a pebble or rock big enough to go over the hole. (Optional: plastic liner or plastic tablecloth.)

If you are doing this indoors please spread out the plastic liner over the area you plan to do the transplant. A large flat surface such as a table will work best.

Step 3: Prepare the Ceramic Pot

Place the ceramic dish under the pot as indicated in the pictures.

Step 4: Prepare the Potter for Soil

In this step the rock should be placed on top of the hole on the bottom of the pot. This is important as it prevents the soil from draining out of the potter but will still allow water to freely flow out of the pot.

Step 5: Add Soil

Fill the ceramic pot until the bottom is covered evenly with soil, approximately an inch to an
inch and a half of soil is required. It is generally recommended to cover the rock in the bottom of the planter if possible.

Step 6: Prepare to Remove the Plant From Its Plastic Container

Roll the sides of the nursery pot between your hands to loosen the soil and plant. Do this with a slow speed and firm pressure, just to loosen the plant from the plastic pot. Note: this will be easiest when the plant's soil is dry.

Step 7: Remove the Plant From Its Plastic Container

Slide the butter knife into the edge of the nursery pot to gently pull out the plant.

Step 8: Unbind the Roots

Use one hand to hold the top of the dirt clump where the base of the plant is, and with the other hand, crumble the dirt to loosen roots without breaking them.This will help the roots grow and spread out through the pot.

Step 9: Prepare to Plant the Mint

Place the plant in the center of the ceramic pot. This will guarantee the roots will spread out and the plant can grow big.

Step 10: Add More Soil

Fill the sides of the ceramic pot with potting soil until all the roots are covered and the soil is level with the base of the plant. Check to make sure all roots are covered as this can kill the plant.

Step 11: Pack Down the Loose Soil

Pat down the dirt gently until the soil is not loose at the top. Don't pat down too hard, as the dirt at the bottom needs to be loose to encourage root growth.

Step 12: Water the Plant

Slowly water the plant until the soil is soaked and water begins to collect in the dish.

Step 13: You're Done!

Place the plant in a desired location that will provide partial sunlight. Now it is time to enjoy your mint plant. Mint is a wonderful herb that can be used to season healthy dishes and teas. It is a great addition to any house or apartment.


  • Plant by itself because it will grow to fill the pot
  • Use a trowel at step 10 to keep your hands clean
  • Remember to remove the plastic covering from your plant before you begin!


  • Keep plant away from cold weather
  • Water occasionally when top inch of soil is dryer when plant starts to droop
  • Pick the leaves as you need them for better growth