Introduction: How to Travel Through Time

In this Instructable, I will explain how to travel through time.*
Try not to create any paradoxes. Later I might add a section explaining how it works.

*Results may vary.

Step 1: Materials

To travel through time as demonstrated in this Instructable, you will need:

- Handheld Portal Device*
- Nearly anything capable of traveling at 80-99% of the speed of light.


- A strong understanding of the theory of relativity.


*I haven't seen anything like this yet. But, I've heard a company called "Aperture Science" is developing something similar.

Step 2: Time Travel

 To travel through time:
First, use the Handheld Portal Device to create a portal on any flat surface, preferably a wall. Then, create another portal on/in your chosen method of near-light speed. Now, have the second portal travel at near-light speeds for a few days, depending on how far you want to travel into the future/past. Then, just simply walk through one of the portals. To go into the future, walk into the portal that was traveling at near-light speeds. To go into the past, walk into the portal that remained stationary.

Step 3: Paradoxes

 The hard part of time travel is paradoxes. Basically, you can travel through time but you can't intenionally change it. Let's say you wanted to keep Lincoln from getting killed, so you go back and stop it. But then it never would have happened, so you never would have gone back to change it. So then it would have happened because you never went back to change it. But then since it did happen you would go back and stop it, and so on.