Introduction: How to Turn 3d Models Into Paper Models

In this Instructable, You will make a 3d paper sculpture of whatever 3d model you want.

Since I was a kid, I always wanted to have one of those awesome looking robotic armours and helmets so I thought of every way to make myself one. After days of research, I stumbled across a program that allowed me to unfold 3d models into templates for 3d paper modeling. From then on I could turn every of my desired 3d model into a 3d paper sculpture. So I decided to share with you the instructions to do the same thing.

Happy Making!

Step 1: Download or Create a 3d Model.

Now lets just get straight to the point...

Firstly you have to download or create a 3d model. It will be easier to make if the model has less vertices. however if you want your model to be detailed then I'm sure you won't hesitate.

Blender is one of my preferred programs for creating 3d models. But of course its all personal preference: )

Step 2: Making Your Model Into a Template.

Now that you have a 3d model ready, you can go ahead and turn it into a template which you will cut out later on.

You have to install Pepakura designer from this link:

After you have the program you will need to buy a licence key and then you are ready to turn your models into templates.

Open Pepakura designer and you can directly drag your 3d model file into the window or you can brows through the folders. (Note: The 3d models have to be converted into OBJ for Pepakura to work on it.

After your model appears on the window you can press the unfold button which should be located on the tool bar on top. Sometimes the template it renders will look like nonsense but you can always re-organise it manually.

Now you can scale your model. Scaling tools should be on the top of the window as well.

Step 3: Printing, Cutting and Glueing. (the Boring Part)

Print out your finished template and you can go ahead and start cutting the them out. Remember to only cut the solid lines.

The image shows what lines are mountain folds and what lines are valley folds.

The last part is to glue the parts together and you will be left with your newly created Paper sculpture.

Hope you enjoyed!!

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