How to Turn Oreos Into Cute Turkeys



Introduction: How to Turn Oreos Into Cute Turkeys

Everyone will want to ‘gobble’ up these Thanksgiving treats. Turning Oreo cookies into cute little Turkeys is much easier than it looks, and it may give you a chance to use some of that leftover Halloween candy! The fun thing about this project is that if you mess up (ex. an oreo breaks) you can just eat your mistakes!

Step 1: Ingredients:

chocolate frosting
Whoppers malt ball candy
cinnamon Red Hots candy
candy corn

Other Materials:
2 butter knives (one for scraping filling, one for applying frosting)
baby wipes (for clean up)
airtight container (only for leftovers and transporting)

Step 2: Step 1:

Separate the two halves of the Oreo cookie and scrape the white filling off completely with one of the butter knives.

Step 3: Step 2:

Use the second butter knife to thickly spread chocolate frosting on both halves of the Oreo on the sides where the white filling once was. The frosting shouldn't be excessive, but keep in mind that the body of your turkey will be secured in it.

Step 4: Step 3:

Stick one Whopper malt ball in the center of the frosting on one of the halves. This will serve as the body of the turkey.

Step 5: Step 4:

Apply a small dab of frosting on top of the Whopper and stick a cinnamon Red Hot on the frosting on top of the Whopper. This will serve as the head of the turkey. (The frosting works as an adhesive)

Step 6: Step 5:

Take 5 pieces of candy corn and place them in a semicircle in the frosting on one side of the other half of the cookie. The narrow point of each candy corn should point inward. This is the feathered tail of your turkey.

Step 7: Step 6:

Carefully turn the candy corn halve on it’s side with the candy corn pieces pointing down. Stick the open space of frosting (that is under the candy corn) to the side of the Whopper. Secure it in place by pressing on the Whopper and the oreo halve with the candy corn.

Step 8: Step 7: (optional)

If you are not eating your cookie right away, once the oreo halve is standing as the back tail of the turkey, allow at least 5 minutes for the frosting to dry, all while carefully adjusting, should the tail threaten to fall forward or backward.
Once finally dry, enjoy or store in an airtight container! Be aware, the turkey may still be fragile.

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