Introduction: How to Turn Your Design to Professional PCB Board | My Approach

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In this post i will share my approach to building a professional PCB board in very few detailed steps. I have also embedded a video of the same, you can watch it or continue reading the post for the detailed explanation.

So let's get started with the post.

Step 1: Requirements

The first step is requirements. In this step you basically outline your projects basic idea and made note of all the things required for your project.

Here are the few things that i note down :

  1. Inputs & Outputs
  2. Types of connectors to be used
  3. Casing Dimensions
  4. Power Requirement
  5. Materials to be used for casing

Step 2: Finding the Right Components

Next step is finding the right components for your project. Always make sure that you select the right components with right ratings.

For example : If the current rating of the project is 5A then make sure you select the components which can handle 5A.

Step 3: Procurement

This is one of the important steps. Always make sure you find your components before moving on to the next step. This will help you in many ways, which i will share in the next steps

Step 4: Circuit Diagram

This step can be done before the procurement if you have a software which can simulate (like Proteus) your design.

Now based on your requirement draw your circuit diagram on any CAD software which can create PCB layout. I am using KiCAD which is a open source software.

Step 5: Initial Testing

Once you have your circuit diagram do the initial test on a bread board so that you can make sure that your circuit works properly. If you encounter any issues check your circuit diagram or your components.

Step 6: Layout Design & Gerber File Generation

Once you have verified the design, draw the PCB layout design & generate the Gerber & Drill files which will be used in the fabrication of the PCB by the fabricator.

Step 7: Fabrication

Once you have generated the Gerber & Drill file upload the same in the fabricator website.

I use JLCPCB for fabrication of my PCB's. They provide very good & well finished PCB's at very low cost. Usually 10 pcs will cost you 2$ & will be shipped within 48 hrs and if you order 5 pcs the PCB will be shipped within 24 hrs..

Step 8: Assembly

After receiving the board mount all the components & do the final assembly of your project.

Step 9: Final Testing

Once all the assembly is done do the final testing of your project.

This is how i approach while designing my projects.

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