Introduction: How to Turn Your Reliance (i. E. Aqua-Pak, Aqua-Tainer Etc.) Canister Into an Efficient Washing Station

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During camping or outdoor activities water conservation is important even if water is readily available. Many people use Reliance (i. e. Aqua-Pak, Aqua-Tainer etc.) canisters at their camp sites to store clean water for drinking, but you can also use the Reliance canisters as a washing station.

Advantages of using Reliance canisters

- It's a container with more volume compared to other bottles, therefore you don't need to refill the water as often.
- Can be reused as storage for drinkable water in the future.
- The container isn't damaged in the process of making a washing station.
- Can be used for washing stations at outposts of summer camps, if no water infrastructure is available there.

-Need a table like surface that is flat and has an edge, or a suspension system that is stronger than the ropes we provide.
-because of its size, it is not as portable as other containers and is only convenient to use at campsites/ at home.

Step 1: Tools Needed

1.) Reliance (i. e. Aqua-Pak, Aqua-Tainer etc.) canisters, or a containers with a faucet with an inner diameter of 19mm or 20mm.

2.) SaveAqua Tap

3.) SaveAqua adapter 1

Step 2: Attach Adapter to Reliance (i. E. Aqua-Pak, Aqua-Tainer Etc.) Canister

There are two ways to attach the adaptor. The first way is to attach it directly onto the faucet, and the second way is to remove the faucet off the reliance canister first, in either case the process is the same.

If the faucet is left on the canister: before attaching anything, first make sure that the container is empty.

Once there is nothing inside of the canister but air, insert adapter 1 onto the spigot of the canister via the end of the adapter with the thread.

Additional Info:
Adapter 1 can fit on a spigot with a diameter of 19mm - 20mm used on a Reliance (i. e. Aqua-Pak, Aqua-Tainer etc.) canisters. Adapter 1 self taps onto the spigot, and may leave a mark inside the spigot, but will not damage the function of the spigot.

Step 3: Attach SaveAqua Tap

Unscrew the crown and screw the SaveAqua tap onto the adapter that should already be attached to the Reliance (i. e. Aqua-Pak, Aqua-Tainer etc.) canister.

*Make sure to place the crown in a safe and memorable location so you don't lose it.

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