Introduction: How to Turn a Backsplash Tile in Jewelry and More

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This has to be one of the most thought out Instructables I have EVER written.

It is not a single project, it is single beginning medium.

Maybe I should tell you how this started. I make jewelry out of some unusual things. It kinda started by accident and now when I go to my favorite thrift store, they know that something that is made for home decor, home improvement or electronics is probably going to end up in a piece of jewelry.

The suspect everyday non jewelry item that I will be writing about is Blacksplash tiles.

They projects are so simple that there really wasn't enough to write an this on "A PROJECT" so what I have decided to do is show you some examples and how I did it, in a hope to have you look at the ordinary as something extraordinary.

Step 1: What We Need.....

This is a list of items that I have used at some point during the projects in this Instructable.

  • Backsplash tiles
  • Spray Paint
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Colored Nail Polish
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • E6000 glue
  • Embellishments (depending on your taste)
  • Ribbon
  • Magnets
  • Clear Spray Enamel

Step 2: Some Things You Need to Remember...

  • The tiles used in these projects required a little bit of prep before using them. Most tiles come on adhesive sheets. They will be sticky when they are removed from the sheets. If you are going to remove them all take them outside and spray them with a clear enamel spray. If you are going to process them one at a time, clear nail polish will work.
  • Check out your local thrift store. When I started these projects, it was purely a thrift store find and once they started appearing in my world, we found them in several thrift stores without even "looking for them.
  • When you get a sheet of tiles, they may seem heavy, remember this is several tiles. One tile is not that heavy.
  • When you look at a tile, notice how it is made, notice the color, see it as a blank canvas. Look through the eye of possibility don't look at it as a home improvement item.

Step 3: Figure Out How You Want to Start...

I have left the tiles as they were and glued embellishments on the tile without covering up the beauty that is there. Kind of like putting make up on a woman, if it doesn't enhance it, don't do it. Some things are just better left plain.

There are some really cool spray paints out there. You can have a shiny gold or silver base, a glittery base for that extra bit of bling or a hammered look spray paint makes for really cool effects.

Acrylic paint is a good option. Personally, I really like the metallic acrylic paint. This gives your piece a sheen that regular acrylic paint does not.

Fingernail polish comes in some really cool colors and honestly I use it a great deal. I have a really nice collection of colors.

Step 4: Add Your Touch and Finishing the Piece

Once you have your base piece, just play around with it. Make it you. Make it pop. Make peoples jaws drop when you say in it's former life it was a back splash tile. It is fun to watch. BELIEVE ME!!!

Once you have decided what you want to put on your piece, grab your ever present tube of E-6000 glue and make those touches permanent.

Allow the front to dry, grab the glue again and glue a finding to the back and add some ribbon and you have a piece of jewelry. You have made something functional into something beautiful and you had fun doing it.

Step 5: Purple Rose...

The base color on this was a happy accident. I took a brown tile and painted it with some purple finger nail polish. It made a great color that is reactive to sunlight. In one light it looks purple, in another brown. I glued a metal rose on top and called it done. Sometimes you don't need a great deal of embellishment.

Step 6: Wooden Clock on Gold Base....

This piece was spray painted with gold spray paint. I didn't want to overwhelm the base color so I glued this wooden clock in its natural state on the base.

Step 7: I Love Unusual Shapes

In the photos above you see different shapes. These are all tile pieces.

The triangular piece had almost a pink marbled effect. I just added some pink beads to it.

The striped piece one corner is rounded. I hand painted the stripes on it with acrylic paint.

The narrow tile with the owl, I spray painted the base piece with silver spray paint then I just blended burgundy and yellow paint in a thin layer so that the silver shows through slightly. The final step was to add the owl.

The narrow tile piece with the bird house, gold glitter spray paint and a bird house in antique gold.

Step 8: One of My Favorite Pieces...

This brown tile base has a matte finish. I liked the color of it so I left it as it was. To add the BAM effect to it, I hand painted the wooden flower accent with metallic acrylic paint.

Step 9: So You Don't Wear Very Much Jewelry...

Okay, not everybody likes jewelry....I get that. Here is another neat idea.

The pieces above are tiles painted in a thick coat of acrylic paint. I blended the colors in patterns that I like and put a magnet on the back. They now hold photos on my refrigerator. New life for an old tile.

So, go to the thrift store, pick up some tiles and play. You will be surprised what you can come up with.

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