Introduction: How to Turn a Dollar Bill Into a Heart

This is a cute design you can use as a decoration. For example, you can add it to a graduation lei!

Step 1: What You Will Need:

- A dollar bill or any bill you would like

Step 2: Fold Your Bill

- choose a top corner of the bill you would like to start on
- fold one corner of the bill down until it aligns with the other side

Step 3: Do the Same to the Other Side

fold the other half

Step 4: Push Sides Together

- pinch in both on the edges you folded
- press the upper flares that are sticking up down onto the surface

Step 5: Top Flares Pushed Down

- should form the shape of a triangle

Step 6: Push the Corner to Meet the Tip

- do the same on the other side

Step 7: It Should Look Like This

Step 8: Press the Triangles Down

- insert your finger in the space of the triangle you folded
- press it down in the center and you should get a square shape

Step 9: Repeat on the Other Side

- you should now have two squares beside eachother

Step 10: Fold Square

- fold the square corner in half to meet in the center

Step 11: Do the Same to the Other Sides

- you should have a total of 4 folds in half

Step 12: Press Down on the Half Folds

- press down on the very tip of the folds

Step 13: Mini Triangle Tip

- it should look this once it’s pressed down
- repeat on the reminder folds

Step 14: This Should Be the Results

- all 4 folds should have a flare out effect like the photo shown

Step 15: Repeat on the Other Side

- repeats steps 1-14 on the opposite side of the bill

Step 16: Results

- both sides should look the same like the photo shown

Step 17: Fold Together

- push one side in next to the other
- press down so that the back can fold
- both sides should look combined

Step 18: Create a Heart Shape

- there was a top flare sticking up behind the heart shape
- fold it downward behind the back to create a heart

Step 19: Fold Sides

- fold the side points of the heart for better shaping

Step 20: Final Product!

You have a heart shaped bill!