Introduction: How to Twill Weave

In this instructable I'll teach how to twill weave on a cardboard loom .

Step 1: What You'll Need





a Ruler

The most important material here is the loom. You can buy or make a loom out of a wood or a cardboard.

First cut the cardboard ,You can really make this any size you want! Mine is 5.5 by 6.5

Step 2: Make Your Loom

Next, cut small slits on two opposite sides of the cardboard. In most cases you want these to be 1/4 inch apart. However, you can make them as big as you want. The wider they are the easier the weaving will be. and make sure that you have the same number of slits on each side.

Step 3: Stringing the Loom

With the marked side of the loom facing up, thread a bit of yarn into the first notch on the upper left side.

There should be a tail of a few inches on the back side of the loom.

Tape this to the back of the loom.

Carry the thread down to the bottom left notch on the loom and pull it into that notch.

Bring the thread back over to the front by bringing it up through the notch directly to the right of the leftmost bottom notch.

Continue doing this all the way across the loom - the pictures will explain this better.

The front side of the loom with have yarn going from notch to notch, the back side of the loom will just be small segments of yarn looped around the notches.

Step 4: Weaving!

Cut a length of yarn and thread the yarn through the needle.

You'll be using the needle to guide the yarn through the loom in an under-over pattern. Once the needle has passed through all of the strings, pull the yarn through and leave a tail of a few inches at the end.

Step 5: Finishing Off

To finish off, cut one end of the warp threads you can do this with a scissors the other is removed from the loom. The end that has been cut should be tied together to prevent the threads from becoming undone.