Introduction: How to Upcycling Furniture

Approximate time: With curing 2-3 Days (Preferred)

*Without Curing: can be done in an evening*

*One can complete this in their garage, patio, kitchen, or anywhere with a flat surface for you to work. I suggest using a piece of carboard or a tarp so that the paint does not get onto the floor.

*One should note that each piece is unique and can be designed and painted to one’s own desire. This is just a basic model of how one can upcycle furniture.

Step 1: Find a Peice of Furniture

You can use a piece of furniture that you have, get a piece from a thrift shop, or from Facebook marketplace.

*Note: This does not have to be wood furniture. One can use venire, fake wood or plastic furniture. But real wood will get the best results.

Step 2: Gather Tools

Tools include: Screw driver, rags, murphy’s wood soap, water, paint brush, chalk paint, furniture wax cleaner, wax brush, fine paint brush (for touch ups and hard to get corners), and cardboard or tarp (to set the piece on so you don’t get paint on floor).

*Optional tools for technique or effects include: Spray paint, acrylic paint, sea sponges, small dish, fine paint brush, and any other brushes for special effects, techniques, or designs.

Step 3: Remove Hardware

*For this project, it includes the handle and side gold pieces.

Step 4: Wash With Murphy's Wood Soap

Step 5: Paint Whole Item With Chalk Paint

Once item is dry, apply a second coat of chalk paint. Apply as many coats necessary for desired coverage or color.

Step 6: *Optional* Paint Hardware

*For this item, I painted the handle teal to match the rest of the table.

Step 7: Paint Any Desired Detailing or Technique Painting

Let the item sit for 24 hours so that the paint can cure.

*For this project, I put three different colors of acrylic paint into three small bowls and used sea sponges to make the cloud effect on the table. Then I took a fine tip brush to detail the drawer.

Step 8: Apply the First Coat of Wax With a Brush or Linen Rag

Let the item dry. Apply a second coat of wax. Buff wax with a cloth.

Step 9: Replace the Hardware.