Introduction: How to Use Cheap HW 30A Esc to Run BLDC Motor With Arduino.

HI. im new to instructables, i though i should share the solution of one of the problem which i faced for quiet long now. so here it is

Step 1: You Will Need an Esc

HW (hobby wing ) 30A ESC

this instructable is only for esc's having hobby wing firmware.

Step 2: You Will Also Need a BLDC Motor

any bldc should work. mine is a2212/13T 1000kv

Step 3: Finally, You Will Also Need an Arduino, a Potentiometer , Some Jumper Wires, Breadboard and a Battery

Step 4: The Connections.

first connect the white wire of esc to Pin 6 of arduino (or any other PWM pin of arduino, but make sure you update that pin number in the sketch before uploading it) and black(GND) wire of esc to ground of arduino. connect the middle wire of the potentiometer to A0 pin of arduino , and the side pins to +5v and GND of arduino.

NOTE:- Do not connect the battery to the esc at this point. neither connect the motor.

now , plug the arduino to the computer and upload the given Sketch.

Step 5: Final Step

After you upload the sketck to arduino, disconnect it from the pc and now connect the middle red wire of the esc to the Vin pin of arduino.(only if you have bec function on your esc) and also plug in the motor to the esc. now before you connect the battery, make sure that the potentiometer knob is turned all the way to the side where the ground pin of the potentiometer is.

After you double check the connection, carefully plug in the battery. As soon as you connect the battery the motor will ring beep-beep-bee..........beep-beep----beeeeeeep. after that, slowly turn the know and your motor should start running and you will be able to control its speed.

NOTE:- if this doesn't work for you, tinker with the void setup part of the sketch specially the arming angles .

also some esc work with the pwn signal between 1000-2000 or 700-2300.....give it a try.

Don't use lipo batteries while tinkering with esc , instead use 9v batteries. i have learned it the HARD way, PS: burned 2 escs

also, if you wanna contact me, dm me on my instagram @saranshmahima