Introduction: How to Use Chopsticks Easily


Chopsticks are an awesome way to eat bite size food.
They have the surgical precision of a tweezers. You can go and pick the exact piece of food with out disturbing the surrounding pieces. So lets learn how to use chopsticks.

Step 1: Instructions

First how do you hold chopsticks:

Take one chopstick and hold it with index finger and thumb about ¾” up the length of the chopstick. Take the second chopstick and slide it though the hole that is between your index finger and thumb created earlier when we held the first chopstick. Support the second chopstick with your ring finger. Depending on the lengths of the chopsticks the ends should be 1-2” past your hand.

To use the chopsticks:

Your index finger does all the work, articulate the index finger to make the first chop stick press against the second one. Now what you have is essentially a pair of tongs. Try picking up some objects with them, all it takes is practice. Eventually muscle memory will take over and it will be come second nature and you will wonder how you got by with out using them. A common mistake beginners make is holding the chopsticks really close to the tip, this chokes off the ability to move the chopsticks together.

Re-adjust the chopsticks if they get out of sorts by re-aligning them by pushing the tips against a surface.

Some Uses for Chopsticks:

  • Eat Cheesies to keep the orange flavoring off your fingers.
  • Eating rice with chopsticks - the proper way to eat rice with chopsticks is to use the chopsticks like a shovel and bring the bowl up to your mouth and push the rice into your mouth with the chopsticks.
  • Beat eggs with them

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