Introduction: How to Use Dread Wax and Palm Roll Dreadlocks

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Palmrolling and dread wax are a great way to keep your dreads looking clean and consistent! In this video Doc will show you proper palm rolling technique for human hair dreadlocks!

For this tutorial you will need:

Ready? Follow along in the video!

Step 1: Wax

After backcombing or dread perming, make sure your dread is completely dry. Scoop a dime size amount of wax into the palm of your hand. Spread the wax out in your palm so you can easily work it into your dread without a lot of buildup.

Step 2: Rub

Working in sections, rub your hands along the side of the dreads, being sure to coat the dread evenly.

Step 3: Roll

Keeping the dread between both palms, roll the dread into shape. Continue doing this all the way down the length of the dread. When you're ready, move on the the rest of your dreads until you have a completed style.