Introduction: How to Use Hemming Tape (Wonderweb/Wundaweb) on Trousers

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Last week I went to the 'Business Insider 42 Under 42' dinner last week. I was invited to talk about my ZenPlugs Moulded Ear Plugs; they are a unique moulded ear plug made form a kit, ideal whenever you need a decent pair of ear plugs. After the meeting I noticed a long thread hanging off the bottom of one of my trouser legs. I gritted my teeth whilst gently pulling it, hoping that it was not part of one of the seams. Unfortunately it was and the hem of the trouser leg dropped down; bad news, but a great opportunity for another Instructable!

I love hemming tape; Wonderweb/Wundaweb is a tradename of one of the manufacturers. You can get the one I use here on Amazon Wundaweb. It's low cost and a couple of pounds worth lasts for years. I think it is a superb invention which means you can save loads of time on stitching. It is basically solidified adhesive formed into a very thin and light fabric sheets which can be cut to shape. It softens when ironed, sticking the two opposing sheets of fabric together. This means it makes a great substitute for stitching. It is much quicker and does not leave any stitch marks visible, as (my) sewing sometimes can. This Instructable will demonstrate how to use hemming tape on trouser legs. The process is the same for other garments.


You will need -

  • Teatowel
  • Broken trouser

Step 1: Prepare Your Trouser

Lay the trousers on a suitable ironing surface; I used an ironing board. Turn them inside out and unfold the hem (second photo).

Step 2: Apply the Hemming Tape

Cut or pull off enough hemming tape to wrap around the trouser leg. Wind it round both sides just above the fold of the hem then fold the end of the trouser leg back over the tape (second picture). Don't let it stick out, it needs to covered by fabric or it will stick to the tea towel or iron and won't hold the hem properly.

Step 3: Wet the Tea-Towel

Drench the whole tea-towel under the cold tap. Wring it out hard.

Step 4: Place Tea-Towel on Hem and Iron

Fold the tea-towel in half and place over the hem. Heat the iron to a hot, low/no steam setting and press hard on the hem for 10 seconds. Be careful with synthetic materials as they are prone to melt. If you are concerned about damaging the fabric, try 5 seconds, making sure the towel is thoroughly damp. If the fabric is delicate or if you are otherwise concerned then you can try a small piece in an inconspicuous area. I have never had any problems with it and I think the manufacturers probably just say this to cover themselves!

Don't let the iron touch the tape as it will stick and could burn.

Step 5: Allow to Cool and Check Bond

Allow to cool for a few minutes and check the bond. If it comes apart easily, repeat the ironing, allowing a few more seconds. You might need to re-wet the tea-towel if it has dried out. If it's stuck firm, hey presto! You're ready to go!

Hems can be adjusted by following the previous instructions but instead of allowing to cool, pull apart instead. A mark may be left but the hem can be adjusted. This is great for when you buy clothes for the kids to 'grow-into'. The clothes can grow with the children. The trouser can be washed or dry-cleaned in the usual way once the tape has cooled.

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