Introduction: How to Use Mobile Phone APP Control Robotic Car

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At this time I will share how to use mobile phone APP to control robotic car.

Step 1: The Kits of Qbot

Here are the kits of the robotic car that named Qbot,and the assembly is very simple.

Step 2: 1.How to Install WeMake on Your Computer

Now, let's learn how to use mobile phone APP control it. First ,we

should download WeMake on your computer,Wemake is a graphical programming tool developed based on scratch2.0, we can use this software to control. Through Wemake programming we can achieve the interaction between software and the physical world to make QBot do corresponding response according to the changes in the environment . Wemake's simple operability makes it possible for everyone to build their own intelligent robots without having to learn esoteric electronic knowledge. Install Wemake Open installation file and select installation path. Click “next”

select destination location
Where do you want to install wemake ?

The installer will install wemake into the following folder

Click next to continue , if you want to select other folder ,click”browse” At least 426.3MB of free disk space is required

Select additional tasks
What additional tasks do you want the installer to perform ? Select the additional task that you want the installer to perform when it install Wemake, then click “next” button.

The installer is now ready to install wemake into your computer
Click install to continue with this installer, if you want to review or change the settings, please click “back” Destination location additional task Additional shortcuts Create a desktop shortcut Click install

The installer is installing wemake into your computer, please wait. Extracting compressed files waiting for installation patiently

The wemake installation wizard finishes
The installer has installed Wemake into your computer,this application can be run by selecting the installed shortcut Cilick “finish”exit the installer

Step 3: 2.How to Install the Driver

Only after QBot is connected to Wemake, we can use Wemake to program QBot.
How can we connect Qbot to Wemake? First, we need to connect Qbot to computer with USB cable, and open Wemake software.

Ues the WeMake at the first time, you should install the driver.
select the corresponding port in Menu>connect>Install Driver

Open the driver installation interface

Waiting for installation. The window is automatically closed after the installation is complete.
Next select the corresponding port in Menu>Boards>Qbot

select the corresponding port in Menu>Edit>Ardunio mode

connect the Qbot,select the corresponding port in Menu>Connect>COM4

Step 4: 3.How to Download the Firmware

There are two ways for controlling the Qbot, one is use Infrared remote control and the other way is use mobile phoneApp.Different functions require different firmware to control.If you use the first way to control the Qbot you can control it directly by the Infrared remote control,because the default state of Qbot that the firmware we have installed.If you use the second way you should install the firmware by yourself.
After connecting the Qbot, then find the firmware that of mobile phone App control,and open it.

Then click the “Upload to Ardunio”

When it appears Upload finish,you can start controlling your Qbot with moile phone.

Step 5: Use Mobile Phone to Control the Qbot

First turn on the switch of the Qbot

Then open the Qbot APP that have been download on your mobile phone.

After connecting the bluetooth,you can start controlling your Qbot.

Step 6: The Video of Qbot