Introduction: How to Use PIR Motion Sensor(HC-SR501)with an Arduino

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Hello dear friends;

In this project , i have tried to explain how to use PIR Motion Sensor(HC-SR501) with an Arduino...

As most of you know, it is using in the WC's, buildings and homes in order to lower electricty bills.

In fact , you can make your own HOME AUTOMATION if yo want to lower your bills :) Only thing you have to do is using relay with this sensor...

For how to use relay module with an Arduino pls read this article and watch the video:Click here

But how this sensor works? It is very simple....Basically this sensor scanning the area and differentiate the radiation difference.If there is a difference it means there is a movement .(Every obstacle , human or animal got some radiation ). If movement occur, PIR Sensor send 1 LOGIC Signal into Arduino, contrast; PIR Sensor send 0 LOGIC Signal into Arduino.So we can use this system with Arduino and we will be able make some automations....

Required materials:

x1 Arduino UNO

x1 Breadboard

x1 PIR Motion Sensor (HC-SR501)


x1 Buzzer

Enough Amount of Jumper

All the codes(arduino) and circuit diagram (fritzing) has been uploaded here and on github(some kind of Turkish letters if you use github link):Codes and circuit(fritzing) from github CLICK HERE

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