Introduction: How to Get Started With Pandora

This guide will teach you how to use Pandora to listen to music without an account, with an account, and with an upgraded Pandora One Account. It also discusses some important features of Pandora. 

Step 1: Open a Browser

Open an internet web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox.

Type into the url bar. There may be a URL search preview white box that appears in the center of your screen to offer suggested websites.

Step 2: Ensure New Pandora User

Click on the Pandora logo at the top left of the browser window, nothing should happen unless you already have an account.

Verify you are not logged in to any account or that no previous Pandora stations exist on this computer. If so, delete these selections or look at the white text box at the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Creating the First Station (Free Without Account)

Click on the white oval text box that says “Enter an artist, genre, or composer to create a station.”

Type an artist, genre, or composer in this section. A box with entry suggestions will appear below the text box as you are typing.

Step 4:

Select a station from the suggestions or press Enter. Pandora will now create the station and play songs pertinent to this entry. This station will appear in the menu bar on the left side of the screen (as shown for the “Today’s Hits” Station).

Step 5: Creating Stations After the First Station

Find the icon at the top left of the screen. Click the white text box and type an artist, genre, or composer to create another station.

Step 6: Using Buttons at the Top of the Screen

Step 7: Sorting and Shuffling Stations

Step 8: Using Pandora With a Free Account

Click on “Register” in the upper right hand corner. 

Step 9: Creating a Free Account

Fill out your email, password, birth year, postal/zip code, and gender.

Check the box that begins with “I have read, understood, and agree to...”

Check the boxes “Remember me and keep me signed in” and “Send me personalized recommendations and tips” if you prefer.

Click “Register."

Step 10: Congratulations Registration Box

Leave the box checked on the screen that pops up if you would like others to view your Pandora profile page, otherwise uncheck it. Your profile page is just a webpage that contains information about your musical preferences, your bio, and comments from other listeners.

Click “Continue” in the lower right hand corner.

Step 11:

A commercial advertisement window may pop up on the screen. Click “No Thanks” in the lower right hand corner, unless you want to check out the offer from one of Pandora’s advertisers.

You now have a free account.

Step 12: Pandora One Upgrade

The subscription to Pandora One, allows you to listen to ad free music with fewer interruptions, higher quality sound, the option to use a desktop Pandora application or icon on your desktop, and a personalized “skin” or background screen for the main Pandora homepage.

Click “Upgrade” in the upper right hand corner for a Pandora One subscription upgrade.

Step 13: Pandora One Subscription Selection

Select whether you would like a one year subscription, a one month subscription, or a twenty four hour trial and click “Upgrade Now”.

Step 14: Pandora One Subscription

Type in your credit card number, security code, expiration date, the name on the card, and your billing zip code in the blank spaces provided.

Select whether you would like the $3.99 monthly subscription or the $36.00 one year subscription by clicking on the blue arrow in the subscription box and selecting your preference. Notice the box on your right tells you what the final price will be with the additional tax.

Check the box next to the paragraph that begins, “I have read and agree to the Pandora One…”

Click the “Pay Now” button to create your paid account. You will now be taken to the main Pandora homepage.

Step 15: Congratulations

Congratulations! You now understand how to use Pandora. Welcome to your new, personalized experience of the Music Genome Project, known as Pandora.