How to Use Pokemon Amie

Introduction: How to Use Pokemon Amie

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Using Pokemon Amie can help with raising your team

Step 1: Opening

On your 3Ds's bottom screen, the touch screen, Pokemon Amie should appear. Tap on your Pokemon.
You now have 3 choices; decorate, play, or switch.

Step 2: The Buttons

Decorate: This button will allow you to decorate the Pokemon amie screen. If you add any decorations while other pokemon are visiting, they will leave once you save your changes.
Play: Will take you and one of your pokemon (the one on the pokemon amie screen) to the play screen. Here, you can pet or feed your pokemon. You can also play games or play WITH your pokemon.
Switch: This will switch the pokemon that you can play with. It'll also show you how much love your pokemon feels for you, how full they are, and how happy they are.

Step 3: Playing With Your Pokemon

*Note: If your Pokemon is sleeping, the Play screen will exit after a certain amount of time. Just wake your pokemon up by tapping the screen a few times.
In the bottom left corner, a little icon of a human should appear. That means the 3Ds camera recognizes your face.
When that icon is there, you can play with your Pokemon by moving your head side to side. Your pokemon will tilt their head with you. If you do this a few times, you'll start to get little demands along with face expressions. Do as it says and look at the bubble for examples.
After you complete all of these commands, your Pokemon will recieve Affection and Enjoyment points!

Step 4: Feeding PokePuffs

Pokepuffs are what you can feed your Pokemon to get its Fullness and Affection points up!
To feed: Click the top left button. Then click and drag a Pokepuff to your Pokemon's mouth.
There are different kinds of Pokepuffs. The more toppings/decorations you have on a pokepuff, the more affection points you'll get.
The color of a Pokepuff doesn't matter
*Note: PokePuffs are limited

Step 5: MiniGames

If you click the top right button, you'll have 3 minigames you can play. You can also pick 1 of 4 difficulties.
These minigames will raise your enjoyment levels. They also give you Pokepuffs!
The harder the difficulty, the more Pokepuffs

Step 6: Petting

To pet your Pokemon, just rub the stylus on them.
You get affection points this way BUT petting lowers your Enjoyment levels.
*Note: Depending on where you're petting your Pokemon, the amount of Affection points vary.
Look at your Pokemon's face when petting. If their expression changes, you'll be able to tell

Step 7: When You Walk

When YOU walk or run, you can see your Pokemon run with you at the bottom of your screen

Step 8: Visiting Pokemon

Visiting Pokemon stay for awhile and just hang in the Pokemon amie screen. After awhile, though, the'll leave.
*Note: When they go, they'll also leave a gift

Step 9: How Maxing Out Your Pokemon's Affection Matters

When your Pokemon's affection is maxed out, they'll be better to battle with.
They could land critical hits easier, remove status ailments, and much more!
Try for yourself!!

Step 10: All for Now!

I think I got everything down!
Hope this helps!!
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