Introduction: How to Use Prezi Presentations

After logging into Prezi you will have to choose a template or to start from scratch. For this, we are going to choose a template from the Prezi Present on the left.

Step 1: Book Report Presentations

On the left, you have categories to choose from for the templates that are pre-created. I went ahead and chose the Education & Non-profit topic and found the book report themes. There were two to choose from. You can change the colors and details later on if you don't like something within the theme.

Step 2: Preview and Select

After reviewing the templates you find the one you want to use and select it by clicking on the Use this template button under the preview that you want.

Step 3: Editing Your Text and Photo

When editing the current text that is already available just double-click on the text you want to edit till the text box appears. Highlight the current text then type in the wanted text. Be sure to check typeface and font for your preference at the top of the screen. This is also where you can change the size of your text, add bold, italics, and change the color of your text if you would like. When changing the photo that is currently in the theme you will double-click the photo and delete it. Follow the next step to replace with the new photo.

Step 4: Adding Photos and Images

When adding a new photo or image like with this book report presentation, first know the image you want. If you have downloaded the image from the internet, know where you saved it. Then at the top of the screen click on insert and a drop-down option box comes down. Find the image button and click on that, off to the right-hand side an insert image box appears. If you have images saved in the Prezi library you can click on my library. If you have them saved to your computer you will click on upload image and then find your file where you saved it to upload it. Once it is uploaded you will then arrange it how you want it in the presentation.

Step 5: Colors and Shapes

Using the style options box at the top of the screen you can change the color, shapes, and text of your topic boxes. You can change the theme colors completely if you wanted. This is another way to customize the presentation and make it your own without getting off-topic. When you click on the shapes button the shapes available show up in the box to the right. When you chose the colors option, the different color options for the themes come up in the box on the right.

Step 6: Changing the Background

The style option at the top is also where you will find how to change the background. When you click on the background button it brings up the sidebar on the right again and gives you the option to change the background photo. Again you can choose a photo that you took, downloaded from the internet, or one of the options that Prezi already has available in the options bar. This is a good way you can customize the presentation without getting off point with the presentation.

Step 7: Sub-topics Within a Topic

After clicking on a topic, let's say you click on characters, you can create sub-topics for each character. This allows you to break up the text so that there is no confusion. Each character can have their own slide so the information is separate for each.

Step 8: Changing Path Setting

Path settings are crucial when creating a presentation. You want your presentation to run smoothly so always check your path setting. In the bottom left-hand corner, you can change your path setting by clicking the path settings button. If you have subtopics you are probably going to want to change your path setting to include them.

Step 9: Create a Video

You can also create a video. This option allows you to either appear in the video with your content or to just add your voice to the presentation. I have seen students do this who have a fear of public speaking. Some of them can create a presentation with themselves in the video and be okay and others just want their voice. Just don't forget to cite your sources on anything you do. I hope that this was helpful for you in learning how to use Prezi presentations.