Introduction: How to Use Python's Turtle Function

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Python is a programming language which is crammed with lots of useful stuff. I'll be showing you how to use the turtle function today!
By the way this is my first instructables!

Step 1: Turtles????????

A turtle in the programming language python is basically a pen. The turtle is very useful for many, many thing such as making a triangle or if you wish to get more complicated, you can make a star or a pitch fork with multiple turtles. You may be thinking that turtles are very slow but the pen turtle is very fast.

Step 2: Python.. Which One?

(If you already have python, you can skip this step) I like to use version 3.3.2 but you can download any kind of python at If you search around to find it. You have to agree to every thing or it won't work. As soon as you have it, place every thing into a folder, except IDLE and command line.

Step 3: Now, Off to Work!!!

Now, for your first drawing, we will start off with a simple box. Remember, you can't skip anything! Tips: T means the pen. Forward, back, left, right are all actions you can use, but you have to tell how much you want the turtle to move or turn. (50(or any number)) means to move the turtle the number of pixels. (90(or any angle)) means to turn the amount you want the turtle to.

Step 4: Programming the Turtle.....

Now,open the command line and type every thing you see. No capitals! import turtle t=turtle.Pen() After this, you should see another window appearing. Follow again! Make sure that you press enter after every closing parentheses. t.forward(50) t.left(90) t.forward(50) t.left(90) t.forward(50) t.left(90) t.forward(50) And now you have made a square with Python!!!!

Step 5: The End?????

Now we know how to make a square but this is the end for this Instructable! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!!
There will be more sequels to this one but please favorite and follow!!!!