How to Use Scrap Wood to Make Cool Table Top or Doll Table



Introduction: How to Use Scrap Wood to Make Cool Table Top or Doll Table

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I had some scrap cedar decking so I made a table top for my mom and doll table for my younger sister. I did not not stain and paint the tables. My mom and sister did.

Step 1: Find Wood

We have a huge burn pile in our yard. That is where I got my wood from

Step 2: Start Drawing the Table

I put a nail in the middle of the boards and put my tape measure on it. Then I locked It at 8" and put my pencil there. Now I just made a circle.

Step 3: Cutting

I use a jigsaw to cut the table. You could also use a bandsaw.

Step 4: Sanding and Making Pocket Holes

Very easy

Step 5: Putting Together and Staining or Painting

Screw boards together and stain or paint.

Step 6: Doll Table

If you have a daughter or sister who loves dolls you might want to make this.

Step 7: Extra Parts for Doll Table

You will need a 1" tall piece of beam. You will also need to cut 4 legs that are 6 1/2" tall. Now screw beam to bottom of table and screw legs to that.

Step 8: Doll Chairs

Very simple. Just piece of cedar board 8 3/8" tall for back. The seat is just cedar decking 3 7/8" long and front is same but only 3 3/4" tall. Now just screw together and your done. Please vote.

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