Introduction: How to Use a Self Service Car Wash

Self Service car wash is a cheap and effective way to wash your car; most drive-through car wash cost approximately twenty dollars to wash your car, yet still, they don’t do an effective job at cleaning. The only thing you’ll need to purchase to complete this task is a large microfiber cloth; the larger the better, without further ado let’s get started.

Step 1: Setup

Park your car in the middle of the parking bay; this is to allow space for you to walk around your car while cleaning. Ensure that all windows and doors are properly closed before you proceed.

Step 2: Tire Cleaner

1st: To operate the machine, you have to use your preferred payment method (i.e. cash, coins or credit card). After payment has been made you should then use the knob to select tire cleaner, remove the spray wand, and spray it in a circular motion on the wheels as illustrated in the photo above, be sure to keep the nozzle close to the wheels for a more powerful cleaning. The tires are being cleaned first since its normally the dirtiest part on a vehicle.

Step 3: Pre-Soak

2nd: In the second stage we will be pre-soaking the car. The Pre-Soak cleaner will quickly loosen and remove tough dirt, grease, bugs, brake dust, and other build-ups. Turn the knob on the interface to select Pre-Soak, when you squeeze the trigger on the spray wand a soapy stream should start spraying from the wand nozzle. Use this to spray the car from top to bottom.

Step 4: High-Pressure Soap & Foam Brush

3rd: In this stage, we will be using the high-pressure soap to remove most of the dirt from the car. This is similar to the previous stage; turn the knob to high-pressure soap and use this to cover your entire car with soap. Feel free to use this on your wheels.

4th: The foam brush will be used in this stage to remove any dirt that's left on your car. Turn the knob to the foam brush settings; hold the brush firmly and use it to lather your car; you should be using the foam brush in a back and forth motion. Do not let the foam sit on the car too long as this will cause a film to build-up on your car. Stage 4 is illustrated above in the photo.

Step 5: High-Pressure Rinse

5th: This is the most satisfying stage of all. In this stage you will turn the knob to high-pressure rinse, and spray the car from top to bottom; this will rinse away all of the suds from your car. Make multiple laps around your car to ensure that all the suds are washed away. Once this step is completed you can now drive your car from the bay, and park somewhere where you can dry it. The large microfiber towel will be used to dry your car; it will attract all the dust particles, and leave your car with a nice shine.

Step 6: Before and After

In the photo above you can see the significant changes after the self-service car wash.