How to Use for Sensor Monitoring

Introduction: How to Use for Sensor Monitoring

If you need a platform to monitor and control remote devices and sensors for your DIY projects, may be a good solution for you. It has a ready to use user friendly GUI. Easy to add sensors and monitor them with graphs. Set alarms for e-mail notification per sensor. Filter and compare different sensor data in 1 chart. Control remote on/off switches and more.

Step 1: Configuration at

1- Sign up to

2- Add Channel to your project

3- Enter Channel name and sensor names in that channel

Step 2: Configuration at MCU (ESP8266)

1- Wire DHT11 temperature/humidity sensor data pin to NodeMCU D4 pin.

2- Update the api key with yours at the sample sketch provided.

3- Upload the sketch to nodeMCU.

4- Make sure all library items are working in your sketch

5- Connect nodeMCU to your local wifi network

a- Connect to nodeMCU access point

b- Enter local wifi parameters

6- Your sensor data will be shown in 5 minutes at

Step 3:

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