Introduction: How to Use Solar Cell?

Hi there! Today I will describe how to use your solar sell with your devices. First of all our cell will be 12V. Because we want to use this in cloudy air. So solar cells' power will decrease in cloudy air up to %70. It is a big lost. And let's start..:)

Step 1: What Will We Use?

I used 6V 53x30mm panels from aliexpress,

You can use any 3.7 battery but if batterys' mAh is higher than 500 mAh, charge time will increase.

Step 2: Placement of Cells

1 solar cell is 6V but we will solder 3x2 groups like in the photos. Solder 3 cells parellel each other. And you will have 2 group. After that we will solder them serial to get 12V.

Step 3: Soldering Charger Circuit and Battery

After soldering solar cells' cable, you will have + and -, you must solder this cables to charger circuits '+' to'IN+' and '-' to 'IN-'. Secondly batterys' '-' (or black cable) to 'BAT-' and '+'(or red cable) to 'BAT+'. Solder phase is over.

Step 4: Fixing

I used some sticks for fix cell each other. You can use this on breadboard or cardboard. Your solar cell is ready. We can test it with multimeter.

Step 5: Testing

Unfortunately I tested it in cloudy weather. We can get 12V in sunny weather. We got 4V in very bad airconditions. And we got 9x10.6 cm solar panel. I sed with Arduino Nano, it worked.