Introduction: How to Use Touch Sensor TTP-223B

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TTP223-BA6 is an IC that can detect touches. This IC is made to replace the traditional direct button.

By adding components, this IC can be developed for various purposes, such as:

  • DC switch
  • AC switch
  • Tact Switch
  • Etc,.

I will give an example of a project using IC TPP223-BA6 in another article.

in this article I just want to introduce the TPP223-BA6 IC and some of its uses.


  • Operating Voltage 2.0 V ~ 5,5V.
  • Response Time 60ms at fast mode, 220ms at Low Power,
  • Sensitivity can adjustable
  • low power mode
  • 4 output Mode

For more detailed information see the datasheet:

Datasheet TTP223-BA6

Step 1: Output Mode

TTP223 IC has 4 Output Modes.

For more details, see the table.

Note :



A = 0, if both points A are not connected.

A = 1, if both points A are connected.

B = 0, if both points B are not connected.

B = 1, if both points B are connected.

Step 2: Required Components

The components required for this project:

Step 3: Assemble All Components

To assemble it, very easy.

only need 3 cables.

that is :

  • VCC
  • I / O
  • GND

Step 4: Results

If the circuit is connected to the supply. you can try.

For example, I will use mode 1 (A = 0, B = 0)

If your finger has not touched the sensor, the sensor output is low (0 Volts).

if your finger touches the sensor, the output sensor is high (3.6 volts)

Red red indicates the condition of the output. If the red LED is on the output is high. If the red LED is off the output is low.

Thank you for reading this article, hopefully it can be useful.

I will make another article about touch sensors. Just wait for the article.