Introduction: How to Use Twitter With Arduino

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Want an easy way to interact with users, the world and your fans?

Tweet it!

Using just an Arduino Uno and an Ethernet shield, you can easily add the ability to tweet any piece of information or data

Step 1: The Board Overview

Twitter has 317 milion active active users per month,with over 500 milion tweets being sent per day!

There is an excellent chance that the people you want to reach are already on it,allowing you to interact without them needing any additional knowledge.

So in this instructable you’ll learn how to make your Arduino send tweets through Twitter. You can receive all sorts of information that can be generated by a sketch from any device that can access Twitter. If, for example, you want hourly temperature updates from home while you’re abroad or even notifications when someone waiting for you (friend come to your home) etc...

Step 2: The Setup

1.Ther first requirement of this let's say project is to setup a Twitter account.

If you already have one the great, otherwise go to Twitter and follow the prompts to sign up.

2.You need to be logged into your Twitter account then go to to create a secret key.

3. Connect the Arduino, Ethernet shield and RJ45 cable.

4. Make sure the Twitter library is installed on your development machine.

Step 3: " Hello World ! "

Now let’s test it out with a simple tweet. Make sure you insert your secret code from step 2. into the “Twitter twitter” line.

You should get a tweet sent from your account saying " Hello World ! " Be mindful if you try to repeatedly tweet the same message again , the API (Application Programming Interface) will give you an error. You must change the message or wait for a while before resending the same one.

I will Tweet "Hello World, My Name is Ahmed Nouira^^".

Step 4: Let's Do Something Different Part 1

Let's look a different application, while still using the Twitter platform.

What if you could get tweets for temperature of your home? Or when it gets REALLY cold? The DHT11 can do that.


DHT11 Temp/Humidity Sensor.

DHT11 Library (check files).

Check the video if you stuck.

Step 5: Let's Do Something Different Part 2

What if you could get tweets if there is someone in front of your house's door for you specially when a friend come to visit you, The ulrasonic HC-SR04 sensor can do that.

Ultrasonic HC-SR04.

In this project I added a server web to display the current value of distance detected, when the value from the sensor < 15 cm you will receive a notification that tells you that you have a messge in your Twitter account.

Go check it !!

Check the video if you stuck.

Step 6: Where to From Here?

If you wanted to expand those projects, you could easily add an IR trip beam or laser sensor.

You could add in the Arduino camera module and then also live tweet pictures, traffic jam warnings, GPS location trackers, or a house alarm. Any piece of data you want to communicate can easily be sent via Twitter.

Step 7: Conclusion

Interfacing the Arduino with Twitter could open up an amazing world for you to communicate with your users and fans.

I will add some others projects using Twitter.

If you have any question of course you can conctact me at : , Or leave a comment




Thanks for reading this instructable ^^ and have a nice day.

See ya.

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