How to Use Wundaweb Hemming Tape to Iron on an Embroidered Label, Patch or Badge



Introduction: How to Use Wundaweb Hemming Tape to Iron on an Embroidered Label, Patch or Badge

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My old work bag broke and, much as I loved it, it had to go in the recycling. It was beyond repair and I needed a new one. I decided I wanted an Atari bag but wasn't pleased with the range I could find online. They were too garish or contrived. I wanted a simple black bag with a simple black Atari label. I realised the best way would be to use Wundaweb Hemming Tape to iron on an embroidered label, patch or badge; luckily there were a few good ones to choose from on Amazon.

The manufacturers recommend testing the Wundaweb Hemming Tape on an inconspicuous area before use in case it damages the fabric, although I have never had any trouble using it. It is basically a very loose-weave, thin fabric which melts into a glue at the temperature of a hot iron. It can be remelted and reset, making it great for hemming trousers or a skirt for a growing child, or if you make a mistake. It can give much better results than stitching as the results are invisible from the outside.

It is important not to have any overlapping the edge of the fabric you are ironing as it will stick to the iron and burn, making a nasty mess.


Wunderweb or Wonderweb Hemming Tape. You can get it here; Wundaweb on Amazon

An embroidered patch/badge/label

A piece of clothing or a bag to iron the patch on to

An iron

An old teatowel

Some great music to listen to whilst you work

Step 1: Cut the Wundaweb

Either tear or cut short sections of the Wundaweb using scissors to cover the back of the label. It must not overlap otherwise it will stick to the iron and make a horrible mess.

Step 2: Heat the Iron

Turn the iron to a high non-steam setting.

Step 3: Position the Badge

Place the badge in the correct position on your clothing or bag, making sure the whole area under it is covered by the Wundaweb with none protruding.

Step 4: The Teatowel

Drench the tea-towel under the tap then wring it out. Spread it out over the badge, taking care not to move it out of position. Press the iron on hard for 15 seconds, making sure that none of the iron overlaps the tea-towel, otherwise you might scorch the fabric. If in doubt, or fabric is delicate you can try 10-15 seconds and repeat. Allow to cool.

You're done! Please send me pictures of your groovy patches! I love a good patch.

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